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About Us

Why ADA Central?

ADA Central is a seller of top quality ADA compliant signs. We observed a great deal of confusion about the regulations surrounding ADA compliance. Our goal is to help businesses, institutions and agencies understand the rules and provide them with fully compliant ADA signs. We’re here to help.

What’s Unique About ADA Central?

There are a lot of resources available online about understanding ADA compliance. Our observation is that sometimes, you don’t even know where to begin and those other sites can leave you even more confused than when you arrived. Our goal is to educate customers on the complexities surrounding ADA signs and provide turnkey solutions that are fully compliant, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective.

Annual ADA Central College Scholarship

We offer an annual $500 college scholarship to a highly-motivated individual who is either beginning or continuing their college enrollment. Please visit our scholarship page for more information.

Our Company

We have moved from Greensboro, NC to Cairo, NE and we still love helping people with ADA signs. We try and do one thing really well- and ADA compliant signs is our thing. Thanks for your interest in our company and let us know how we can help

Previous Address:

ADA Central Signs
415 Pisgah Church Road
Suite 232
Greensboro, NC 27455

Current Address:

ADA Central Signs
406 Suez St
Cairo, NE 68824

Mailing Address:

ADA Central Signs
PO Box 152
Cairo, NE 68824


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