Kitchen Signs

Are you building or planning to develop an ADA-compliant kitchen? If so, you're in the right place. Setting up an ADA accessible kitchen in your building allows more people to use the space. Perhaps you want an ADA-compliant kitchen for your office building to ensure it's a functional, accessible space for all employees. Or, maybe you're a landlord with residential dwelling units that you want to be ADA compliant. In that case, you'll need the right signage, too. 

ADA Kitchen Signs With ADA Central

Regardless of why you need the kitchen area to be ADA-compliant, ADA Central will help you with the process. We offer a selection of signs that meet the Americans With Disability Act requirements for your building. Whether you need signage to indicate the existence of an ADA-compliant kitchen or signs that include braille, we can make a custom sign for you. Check out our inventory today, or keep reading to learn more about ADA kitchens.

ADA Kitchen Requirements

To make a kitchen ADA compliant, it must either be u shaped kitchens or pass-through kitchens. Setting up u shaped kitchens is common for residential dwellings. In contrast, a pass-through kitchen is standard in office buildings, hotels, and residential dwelling units.

ADA kitchen spaces should also have clear floor space and knee and toe space to ensure the area is wheelchair accessible. The ground space in the kitchen must be ample enough so that someone in a wheelchair can maneuver around, and this standard applies to residential dwelling units and any commercial building. Always ensure the space is clear floor space complying and ground space complying.

ADA Kitchen Sinks

Along with clear floor space and ground space, the appliances and sinks in an ADA-compliant kitchen are also vital. The kitchen appliances should be easily accessible, and the u shaped kitchen should include open floor space under the sink. This allows anyone using a wheelchair to use the sink. The shelf space should also be easy to access while in a wheel chair, and the ADA compliant cabinets should be surrounded by ample ground space.

ADA Kitchen Signs

Suppose you're making an ADA accessible kitchen for your residential dwelling units, office building, or hotel. In that case, ADA Central creates the signage you're looking for to make the kitchen up to code while still being inviting. Our ADA-compliant signs come in a variety of colors and designs to meet the interior style of your building.

Our website contains various ADA-compliant signs, from restroom signs to handicap signs to parking lot signs. We also offer custom signs, so we can work with you to get you the signage you need.

Look over our inventory of ADA kitchen signs today, or send us a message or learn more.

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