Area Of Refuge Signs

Area of refuge signs are essential types of signage for many buildings. They indicate an area of refuge areas, also known as safe rooms, where people can wait safely during an evacuation. Area of refuge signs must meet ADA requirements and be easy to read and understand during an emergency.

If you're looking for an area of refuge sign for your organization, ADA Central has what you need. Our wide selection of area of refuge signs ensures you meet local building codes. We also offer many custom sign options. Contact us today to learn more or look over our area of refuge signage.

Area Of Refuge Requirements

While no one wants to think about an emergency in their building, preparation for emergencies is still vital. Not only is it the right thing to do, but if you're a business or building owner, you have legal requirements you must meet to protect people inside your building. You probably already know it's vital to have routes for people to evacuate during an emergency, but what about people who aren't able to leave as easily? 

In case of a fire or other emergency evacuation, some people may not be able to safely evacuate. An area of refuge inside existing buildings provides accessible means for people to remain temporarily until they can receive rescue assistance.`

Having an accessible route for people inside the building to leave is critical. Still, not everyone can evacuate on their own. Very young children, people in wheelchairs, and those with other medical needs may need to wait for rescue assistance. By setting up an area of refuge, you'll create a place for all building occupants to wait safely.

Area Of Refuge Signage

The importance of an area of refuge and an accessible means for a refuge area is evident. But, where do you find the correct signage for your building? At ADA Central, we provide many options for area of refuge signage.

We also have a vast inventory of ADA-compliant signs, from signage that indicates wheelchair spaces to plagues that signal horizontal exits.

No matter what kind of ADA signage you require, we have got you covered. You can also reach out to our team today to request more information or to learn more about custom signage options.

Check out our inventory of the area of refuge signs below. 


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