ADA Sign Installation Guidelines

Posted by Matt Hannam on Mar 25th 2021

For a business owner who wants to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, figuring out what signage they will need can be tricky. What are the rules? Do I need to put a sign on the break room door? What about in the lobby? How big should they be? Does color matter?

These are typical questions from small (and large) businesses. With help from a reputable sign company, this process should be quick and easy. The order is placed and UPS brings the signs arrive in three or four days.

Now what?

It turns out that the rules regarding installation are also tricky. Not to worry, though. We put together a no-nonsense  guide to installing ADA signs. This two page PDF covers the rules for installations.

If you would like to link to this PDF, click here and you can copy and paste the link to your own website. Happy installing! Interesting in thermoformed signs? Learn about them today here: thermoformed signs.