Does Your Business Need ADA Signage?

Mar 25th 2021

Does Your Business Need ADA Signage?

Starting a business requires no end of paperwork, compliance guidelines, and red tape. After a while, you might find yourself walking into other businesses and thinking, “Do I need that, too?” For instance, consider ADA signs. As a consumer, unless you need them, ADA braille signs and ADA restroom signs can often fade into the background. We see them so often that we don’t think much of them. But as a business owner, you may start to notice how common they are and, if your business lacks ADA signage, you may wonder whether you need them.

The answer is very likely yes.

What Businesses DON’T Require ADA Signage?

There are a few exceptions to the rule. For instance, if you work remotely, from your laptop, you probably don’t have a zoned office space so it would be silly to need ADA signs. If you interact with your customers either remotely or in their homes or place of business, you don’t need ADA signage. Some ADA sign compliance guidelines come with exemptions, such as exemptions for companies with fewer than 15 employees; so while you may still need to be ADA compliant, you need not be compliant to every rule.

Where Are ADA Signs Required?

If your business is open to the public, you absolutely need ADA signs. Large or small business, if you see customers in your place of work at all, ADA signage is required. That includes ADA restroom sign requirements, ADA braille signs, and ADA parking sign requirements. ADA sign compliance guidelines call for things like the use of sans serif, easy to read font, braille lettering, and signs for every room that doesn’t typically change in function. But it goes beyond simply legal compliance. It’s simply good business to ensure that you’re accessible to all of your customers, including those with disabilities.

Other ADA Regulations

Not all ADA regulations pertain to signs, and it’s important to make sure your business is fully ADA compliant. Some naturally follow. After all, if it’s important to have ADA parking signs, then obviously it’s important to have accessible parking options. Ramps as an alternative to stairs are also key, as well as enough space to navigate wheelchairs. Indoor access is important, too, so pathways should be accessible as well as elevator options. Bathrooms should have at least one ADA compliant stall with grab bars and enough space for wheelchairs. It’s important for surfaces, mirrors, and all appliances to be within reach and thus not too high.

Have any other questions about what your business needs to be ADA compliant? Check out our FAQ about ADA compliance. And if you need custom ADA signage, contact ADA Central today. We also help you choose the right sign font by offering 4 tips for choosing the right sign font.