How Interior Office Signage Helps Your Business

Mar 25th 2021

How Interior Office Signage Helps Your Business

Business owners often put quite a bit of thought into their exterior signs, and for good reason. Exterior signage is necessary to help customers find your business, as well as show the accessibility available at the location — such as accessible parking and walking ramps. But what about the interior of your office? The signage that you use on the inside of your business is possibly even more important than your exterior signage — particularly when it comes to ADA signage like ADA bathroom signs and ADA wayfinding signs.

ADA Compliance

The most essential way that interior office signage helps your business is that it keeps you ADA compliant. When it comes to signage, ADA compliance is sometimes necessary, as in the case of permanent rooms. Bathroom, floor entrances, kitchens, and the like are all required to use ADA compliant signs. That means these signs should all use ADA compliant font, with grade 2 braille, and that every room with a function that does not change should include a sign.

More Comfortable Customers

Have you ever gone in for an appointment somewhere only to find yourself lost in a labyrinth of hallways and rooms that all look the same? If customers have to wander around lost for minutes before they find your office, they’re not likely to be very happy there. It may seem like a small thing, but embedded into the subconscious, it can leave an unfavorable impression of your business and your customer service. That’s why ADA wayfinding signs and signs that label particular rooms within the interior of your building are so important. The more easily customers can reach you, the more attended to they’ll feel.

Mood, Branding, and Aesthetic

Does your business adhere to a particular aesthetic? Maybe there’s a color or design that’s part of your brand and you want it to be consistent on the inside of your office space, as well. Fortunately, ADA Central offers custom ADA signs in several different shapes and a variety of seventeen different colors. The difference may be subtle, but it can do quite a bit to create a cohesive flow in your interior space. Is a holiday coming up that you want to celebrate? Interior signage that fits with the holiday can also add a little cheer and boosted morale to your office.

We know how important it is to have good exterior office signs, but don’t slack on your interior office signage. To get up to date on your ADA compliant signage for the interior of your office with custom signs that fit your brand and express the kind of mood you want for your office, contact ADA Central today

We also help you know if you are unknowingly breaking ADA compliance regulations.