What is the Purpose of a Desk Name Plate?

Posted by Ryan Brennan on Jul 1st 2023

What is the Purpose of a Desk Name Plate?

What is the Purpose of a Desk Name Plate? 

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or how big your entire company (or job title) is, a quality nameplate is essential to any office desk or cubicle. There’s a certain level of pride – ownership, if you will – that comes with a proper name plate as it can transform and personalize office spaces to each employee’s liking.

Unfortunately, far too many companies overlook, substitute, and/or deliberately avoid using nameplates on desks, in cubicles, or even on office doors. When you consider the benefits that come with a quality and customized nameplate, it doesn’t make much sense why companies wouldn’t take advantage of it.

With that said, we’re going to try and change their minds and convince them that name plates aren’t a dying commodity in the office – they’re very much alive and can do so much for the aesthetic of your desk, the morale of your employees, and the overall function of your office. So, hear us out for a moment!

Why Should Businesses Utilize Cubicle Name Plates?

The modern world is being overtaken by technology, computers, and digital alternatives – which is logical and sensible in so many areas when running a business. But there’s one thing technology frequently falls short of and that’s charm – especially when you’re dealing with customers and co-workers face-to-face.

It’s true when they say there are some things technology can’t replace and we firmly believe nameplates fall in that category. While there are digital alternatives available, there’s something so personal, intimate, and distinct about a classic/traditional business name plate – so here’s why you should consider them!

1. Improve Navigation for Co-Workers, Guests, and Customers

Nameplates located on an employee’s desk or outside their office door make it extremely easy for guests, customers, clients, and co-workers to identify one another. This allows for improved navigation around the office and ensures no one gets lost when looking for a specific team member or different departments – wherever they’re located.

2. Increase Employee Morale, Retention, and Loyalty

Like we mentioned in the intro, there’s a certain level of ownership and pride that comes with having a nameplate on your desk. It’s not something that’s given, but rather something that’s earned through hard work and dedication. It shows the employee that you’re invested in what they bring to the table.

3. Complement and Enhance Interior Aesthetics and Brand Recognition

While many offices choose to go with a basic nameplate, you can easily enhance and even complement your office’s interior branding and aesthetics with a customized name plate attached to a desk, wall, or door by utilizing the company’s logo and colors. Anyone who enters your office will be reminded of who you are and who you work for.

4. Cost-Effective Solution When Hiring New Employees Often

Hiring new employees can be both good and bad – it’s good if you’re hiring employees to counter an increase in customers and workload, but bad if you’re hiring employees to replace those that are leaving. Either way, nameplates are extremely easy to replace/add to an office and don’t require a big investment.

Unique Ways to Customize Desk Name Plates

If the benefits we listed above still have you on the fence when trying to decide whether or not desk nameplates are a quality investment, then hold on because we haven’t even talked about the greatest thing about office nameplates – the ability to customize and personalize them to each employee’s liking.

Here are some of the most fun, unique, and exciting ways you can make your desk name plater your own:

  • Utilize the company logo and/or brand colors
  • Do away with the typical rectangle shape and use a more unique shape
  • Display the employee’s job title on the plate
  • Display the employee’s nickname on the plate
  • Use graphics and visuals to enhance the plate’s character
  • Display the employee’s headshot for better recognition
  • Add fun facts about the employee for a personal touch

When you allow your employees to customize their nameplates, you make it so much easier for them to take ownership of their work. They’ll feel much more respected in the workplace and it’ll allow co-workers and customers to get a sense of their personality and character before they get a chance to talk to him.

Other Ways to Personalize Your Desk Space

An employee’s desk is a sacred place that can make or break their day-to-day performance at work. A desk that’s too cluttered will make it hard to focus and won’t look professional, but one that’s too neat and organized won’t give their space any sense of character or personality – it’s important to strike a balance.

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent items that should be featured on every employee’s desk:

  • Customized coffee mugs or water bottles
  • Customized note pads and pens with the company logo on them
  • Customized mouse pads for computers
  • Customized monthly and daily desk calendars
  • Customized trophy displaying the employee’s talent or skill
  • Customized USB storage devices
  • Customized desk organizers

Managers and business owners can gain a lot of respect inside the workplace for not only providing quality nameplates, but also allowing employees to customize their nameplates – as opposed to giving them a basic, boring, and ordinary nameplate. What they do with that respect is completely up to them!

Don’t Forget to Comply With ADA Requirements!

While the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) doesn’t require nameplates on desks or cubicles, they do require signage for any permanent room in the building and any area designated for safety reasons. That means restrooms, electrical rooms, IT rooms, utility rooms, and any other area being used permanently.

With that being said, it’s always a good idea to have wall or door signs for any room in the building or office – including conference rooms, private offices, and reception areas. The more signs you have, the more easy your office will be to navigate – especially for those who have some form of disability.

Don’t worry – at ADA Central, we’re dedicated to ensuring every building complies with ADA requirements and allows for an inclusive environment for all those who enter your office. Contact us today to learn more!