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ADA Compliance Blog

Photopolymer Signs vs. Raster Braille Signs

Let's start with a few basic facts: 1- The majority of ADA signs being manufactured today are made with the raster Braille method- i.e. the Braille is formed by drilling a hole and inserting a small plastic bead. 2- Photopolymer signs (fabricated by exposing UV light to a photo-sensitive sheet) are being called for by an increasing [...]

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The Most Common Question about ADA

The most common question about ADA compliance is "What rooms are required to have ADA signs?"It's a good question and the answer is can be kind of tricky.  The short answer is: permanent rooms and spaces. See the ADA wording below. (Review the entire ADA regulations here).Section 216.2 applies to signs that provide designations, labels, [...]

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The ADA: A quick primer

The ADA (American's with Disabilities Act) was signed into law in July of 1990. It is enforced by the Department of Justice, and it governs how public places should be accessible to people with disabilities. One key thing to remember is that it applies to all public places (office buildings, public spaces, restaurants, etc.)Any American [...]

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