Different Types of ADA Signs Available at ADA Central

Posted by Ryan Brennan on Dec 15th 2023

Different Types of ADA Signs Available at ADA Central

Customizing ADA Signs to Meet Your Business’s Specific Needs

Is your ADA signage ready for a makeover?

No, we’re not talking about that big sign out front with your company name and logo on it – that sign looks great, by the way!

We’re talking about all those tiny, little room identification signs and other ADA-compliant signs plastered throughout public buildings and parking lots – yes, those ones! You’ve probably never thought about replacing them, but that’s because you never realized how much of an eyesore they were – until now.

They’re outdated, don’t match your company’s brand, lack a quality design, and look like they’re from the 1980s (because they probably are). Sure, they satisfy their purpose – but that’s about it!

Don’t worry – ADA Central is here to save the day. Our custom ADA signs allow you a little more freedom when designing your ADA signage. Tell us what you need, and we’ll help you bring it to life!

Meeting Basic Requirements for ADA Signage

You can only customize an ADA-compliant sign so much before it starts losing compliance.

For example, tactile signs must feature a high level of contrast, a non-glare finish, a sans serif font, and raised characters repeated in Grade 2 braille (also known as contracted braille).

The tactile characters must be uppercase, between 5/8“ and 2” in height, raised at least 1/32”, at least 1/8“ apart from one another, and have a border of at least 3/8“ along the top and sides.

There’s even a specific way to mount it – ensuring it’s on the latch side of the door and at least 48 inches above the floor, but no higher than 60 inches. Failure to meet ADA requirements makes it difficult for people with disabilities to not only find the sign, but also read it.

As much as you want to change everything about the design of your ADA signs, it’s not always possible – in fact, it could be against the law! If you want to avoid a $75,000 fine from the government, contact us!

How to Customize ADA Signs to Your Business’s Needs

Look, we get it – every business is different, and cookie-cutter designs aren’t for everyone. The littlest things often make the biggest difference, and the same rings true with your braille signs!

Maybe you want all your ADA signs to be the same color or want your logo featured in the top right – either way, we’ve got you covered!

The truth is there are a lot of things you can do to add a little pizzazz to your ADA signage. Not only can you change the shape, size, color, and text, but you can also add certain symbols, logos, and any other branding elements you can think of.

If those generic ADA designs aren’t cutting it for you, here’s what you can do to fix it:

Step 1: Change the Shape, Size, and Color

Most traditional ADA signs are the same shape (rectangle or square), the same color (black or grey), and the same size (6x4 or 6x6). There usually isn’t a lot of variety, and most businesses don’t have fun with it.

Except for you! Here are some of the things you can change:

Shape. If a square or rectangle sign is too boring, ADA Central also has signs that are oval-shaped, wave-shaped, arch-shaped, and more.

Size. Take your pick of ADA sign size. We have squares that are 8x8, 4x4, and 6x6, rectangles that are 9x6 and 5x2.5, and several other designs that come in various sizes.

Color. With more than 17 colors to choose from, ADA Central gives you plenty of options when adding a little color to your custom ADA signage.

Step 2: Customize the Text

What do you want your ADA sign to say?

It could be something as simple as “No Smoking” or “Laundry Room,” or it could read something a little more engaging – such as “This Is a Smoke-Free Building” or “Please Wash Your Hands Before Leaving.”

Don’t worry – we’ll make sure your custom text gets converted to contracted braille to follow ADA guidelines and always double-check for spelling errors and/or inaccuracies.

Step 3: Incorporate Branding Elements

Alright, this is where your business gets to shine through.

Your logo, company name, symbols, pictures, and anything else that makes your company unique – this is your chance to mark your territory.

While we still have technical ADA requirements to meet, your ADA specialist will work side-by-side with your design team to ensure we’re meeting ADA compliance standards, and your business’s reputation doesn’t falter.

Step 4: Special Instructions & Requirements

Before you add your custom ADA signs to your online cart, we’ll ask you to include any other special instructions and/or requests, to ensure your needs are being satisfied.

This is your opportunity to ask about a specific design you didn’t see listed – such as a star, circle, or even a triangle – or a material that better matches the rest of your decor.

If we have any questions about your request, we’ll contact you immediately to clear everything up. Our goal is to create the ADA signs you’ve been dreaming about!

Step 5: Choose Production & Delivery Options

Last but not least, let’s talk about production quantity and delivery speed – two more ways we’re customizing your ADA signs to meet your specific needs.

At ADA Central, we handle orders of any size. And since most signs get made the same day, our shipping speeds are some of the fastest in the country – we won’t keep you waiting!

We have three shipping options, in total – standard production (3-5 business days plus shipping), expedited production (2 business days plus shipping), and emergency production (1 business day plus shipping). We also support wholesale requests, which can also be customized to your needs!

Contact ADA Central for More Custom Options

In a world where design and appearance are more important than ever, a quality ADA sign can truly transform any public space. You know what they say – the littlest things often make the biggest difference!

At ADA Central, we understand the ins and outs of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our goal is to find a balance between giving you the best ADA sign possible, while still maintaining ADA compliance. No more failed inspections, fees, lawsuits, and damaged reputation – those days are behind you!

Contact us today to learn more about ADA signs, what they are, why you need them, and how we can create custom ADA signs to meet your business’s needs – we can’t wait to help you stay compliant for years to come!