What is the Future of the ADA?

Posted by Rochelle Harris on Mar 16th 2022

What is the Future of the ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act was a piece of landmark legislation in American history prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities. Thirty years ago, a battle in the Supreme Court of our government ensued, where advocates and plaintiffs argued for disability rights until it was finally signed into federal law in 1990. It was an exciting time in the world, and the future of persons with disabilities was at stake. Since that time, much progress has been made, and many more resources are now available.

What is a Disability?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a disability is defined as having a physical or mental impairment, and such an impairment substantially limits one or more major life activities. The law intended not only to eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities, but also to give them equal employment opportunities and ultimately economic self-sufficiency.

Equal Access

The ADA also aimed for people with disabilities to have equal opportunity for full participation in government services and civilian life that is offered to everyone else. This meant not only equal opportunities in employment and education, but also access to all the benefits, resources and protections available to the rest of society. The word accessible became synonymous with removing physical barriers for people with disabilities, in communities and public accommodations.

The Impact of ADA and Accessibility 

The future of those with disabilities indeed has been impacted by removing these barriers through the ADA and the events that have transpired since. For example, all businesses open to the public are now required to follow the ADA standards for accessible design, and all new construction is automatically built with these standards. All public transportation is now accessible, and equal employment opportunities have been implemented. Even digital accessibility is currently being tackled so that businesses have a website that is also ADA compliant.

Creating a Future with ADA Compliance

Some things to look forward to in the future of the ADA are emerging technology in assistive technology and even artificial intelligence assisting those with disabilities. Digital accessibility has still not officially been addressed by the ADA. However, it is expected to be incorporated soon, so a person with a disability can search the internet for public services and companies like everyone else. Companies are coming out with new technology that gives access to all people who suffer from a disability all the time.

What Inclusion Looks Like

Inclusion means accessibility for everyone, including those with disabilities. The ADA was one of many events that shape our history and covered aspects of life for people with disabilities. But the future of the ADA largely depends on our diligence in the protection of every person and individual disability. Our continued search to develop new technology is also of vital importance.

Why the ADA is Important to Maintain

Prior to the ADA, people with disabilities were unable to participate in their community events including voting and many other aspects of day to day life. The reality is that we all deserve equal opportunity to benefit from what our societies have to offer, even those who may have a disability. Discrimination needs to be eliminated from all aspects of our lives so we can all equally enjoy what our world has to offer.

Helping People Worldwide

The ADA offers assistance to children as well and is intended to improve health issues and remove any future barrier they may encounter, for an overall better quality of life. The ADA has already made a difference in millions of lives, and has been adopted in over 180 countries worldwide. The more businesses who become ADA compliant, the more humanity benefits. At present, this law still has some work to be done. As long as we remain vigilant in our protection of those who don't have every advantage we do, we will progress to perfection one day.

ADA Central

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Specific Guidelines

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